Vermouth is a special wine, deeply connected with the great Piedmontese tradition.

Finely flavored and enriched with prized herbs and spices, it is a classic aromatized wine, whose origins go a long way back in time.

The practice of aromatizing wines has very ancient origins. Early on, the first populations who made wine also used to flavor and enhance it with selected ingredients.

There are a few key reasons for the success of this wine style – first of all, its intriguing sensory profile, connected with the use of particular herbs and fragrant spices.

Aromatized wines combine unusual, enticing, complex and harmonious flavors with the medicinal properties of both wine and spices – their association with health dates back to time immemorial.

The beneficial properties of wine described by classical medical schools and those ascribed to botanicals strengthen each other.

In different ages, this diverse set of ingredients has helped create major fashion trends, whereby certain aromatized wines have come to stand for a specific lifestyle.




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