In the late 18th and, most notably, in the 19th century, wines flavored with herbs and spices took on an important role in a new social landscape.

Served immediately before or after a meal, aromatized wines created a new class of beverages – that of “aperitifs” and “digestifs”. Soon these adjectives became nouns, thus sanctioning the status of the corresponding beverages as “aperitifs” and “digestifs”.

In modern times, the stunning history of Vermouth developed in Piedmont, Italy, in the late 1700s.

Historical records indicate that the first manufacturer and seller was Antonio Benedetto Carpano, who in 1786 had a shop in central Turin, under the elegant arcades of Piazza Castello.

The word “vermouth” is of German origin and designates wormwood, one of the essential ingredients for aromatization.

The most common terms to designate the beverage are: vermouth, vermut or vermout. In early 19th-century Piedmont, the Vermouth di Torino was considered a luxury product, to be served before the most exclusive dinners.






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